Tuesday 26 March 2013

Province to declare day for lost fishermen

In its Speech from the Throne, the Dexter government announced its intention to declare a day dedicated to remembering all Nova Scotia fishermen and women lost at sea.
The speech, made on Tuesday afternoon by Lt.-Gov. J.J. Grant opened the spring sitting of the Legislature.
In making the announcement, the Lt. Governor noted the recent loss of the five local fishermen on the Miss Ally.
“Communities like Woods Harbour know that the ocean provides bountiful abundance but can exact a terrible toll. Just 40 days have passed since five young fishers -- Katlin Nickerson, Billy Jack Hatfield, Joel Hopkins, Steven Cole Nickerson and Tyson Townsend -- were lost when the Miss Ally capsized in the stormy sea. Those young men sought only to make a living and support their families,” he said.
In the wake of the tragedy, former Shelburne County resident Phoebe Malone was one of those who had been pushing for the province to set aside a day to honor the men and women who work on the sea.
She circulated a petition and set up a Facebook page called Fishermen’s Day in Nova Scotia. The page received thousands of likes on Facebook.

Story by:  Greg Bennett
The Yarmouth County Vanguard, March 26, 2013

Saturday 23 March 2013


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