Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fundy Complex Hosts The Brenton Merritt Memorial Lobster Crate Run.

Brenton Merritt Memorial Lobster Crate Run
Saturday July 6th:  11 am - 1 pm.
Sunday July 7th:  noon - 1:30 pm.
25 lobsters Crates will be connected and strung out in a straight line to a small raft.
The maximum competitor weight allowable to compete is 135 lbs.
All contestants must wear a PFD
Foot wear is not mandatory, but light weight sneakers or water shoes are recommended
The number of attempts to run the crates will be dictated by the number of contestants, weather, time, other scheduled events and water conditions
An attempt will be to try and run 100 crates (maximum run) if the contestant runs the crates over to the raft and then back to the docks; twice without falling into the water will count as 100 crates and be the ultimate run.
If at the end of the competition there are 2 or more contestants who have run 100 crates, then there will be a final run off- the contestant that runs the most will be the winner. If both runners run 100 crates again then the contestant with the fastest time will constitute the competition winner
Any contestants that are deemed small, very young or challenged may be denied entry and/or may need parental permission to participate. The Fundy Complex staff has sole discretion in deciding if safety issues over ride a competitors desires.
If time and weather permit we will have competitions on both days; Saturday July 6th and Sunday July 7th.. Competitors are invited to run both days or until they have a perfect 100 crate run …at which point that competitor would need to be on standby the final day just in case one or more others have a perfect run..then there’d be a run-off …
This competition is a physical activity and risk of injury is possible.
Competitors don’t need to register; just show up day of event. 
The grand prize will be $100. Cash. There will be concession prizes for 2nd and 3rd.
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