Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Thank you to all the incredible volunteers that made the Lobster Bash happen . . . you are a fantastic group of individuals that help bring together a huge festival, that promotes the lobster industry in Sou'West Nova. Thank you to all the generous sponsors who dig deep to help fund the Lobster Bash each year. Thank you to all the people who, at times braved the weather, to attend, and support the Lobster Bash. Thanks to everyone who's hands touched some part of the Lobster Bash to make it the success it has become. Thank you to the great bunch of guys that make the decisions year 'round, to organize this event, and make it as exciting as possible. Thank you to Waylon Mosher and the late Richard Gaudet, who together came up with the idea to start the Lobster Bash . . . fantastic idea, and so glad it grew into such a great community festival.